Welcome to Coda v2!

Our website is under major development as we upgrade to Nuxt, an enterprise level Universal Server Side Render Engine. This upgrade will enable a better user interface and experience. For more information on this upgrade there are documentation links below. Also here is the link to Coda's v1 website interface for your convenience. Enjoy your Summer! 😊

Welcome to the Vuetify + Nuxt.js template

Vuetify is a progressive Material Design component framework for Vue.js. It was designed to empower developers to create amazing applications.

For more information on Vuetify, check out the documentation .

If you have questions, please join the official discord .

Find a bug? Report it on the github issue board .

Thank you for developing with Vuetify and I look forward to bringing more exciting features in the future.

— John Leider

Nuxt Documentation
Nuxt GitHub